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Life happens to everyone. So, when you or your loved ones pass away, our Funeral Cover solutions are there to offer much-needed support. 


The AFS Financial Services Core Funeral policy covers the main member, their spouse, and up to five children. There are no waiting periods; you’re covered from the first premium payment. 

In the event of an accident or illness, the AFS Financial Services Income Protector shields you from loss of income should your sick leave run out.  


The Core Benefit also provides other lifestyle support services, like:

Emergency medical assistance

Emergency assistance is provided in the form of 24-hour medical advice. We also offer emergency medical response, on-scene treatment and transportation to a hospital.  

If you’re hospitalised away from home, one family member receives a compassionate visit (to the value of R1000). In a medical emergency, the benefit includes the accompaniment of stranded minors to a place of safety.

Repatriation of mortal remains

We offer repatriation of mortal remains to a reputable funeral parlour within the borders of South Africa. Advice on obtaining a death certificate is provided.

Trauma, assault and HIV counselling

Trauma counselling and assault support is available to all members. This includes 24-hour assistance by medical professionals, and transport to a facility (max. R10 000 per family) for medical treatment related to an incident.

HIV protection treatment

After a traumatic event that may cause exposure to HIV, we offer 24-hour emergency advice. The benefit facilitates 3 blood tests, a 30-day Anti Retro Viral (ARV) starter pack, a 7-day Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) preventative medication pack and the morning-after pill.  

Patients may also register with our HIV counselling centre for information, support, and trauma counselling.

Free professional legal advice

Qualified attorneys are available 24 hours a day to offer telephonic advice and assistance on legal matters. This includes one 30-minute face-to-face consultation per case.  

We also offer tax information, legal support and documentation, wills, and estate planning. With Adcorp Financial Services, the realities of life can be a bit easier to bear. 

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Grocery benefit

The beneficiary to the main member will enjoy a Shoprite/Checkers voucher to the value of R3 000, that can be used at any till point nationwide at time of death.

Income Protector

You, as a main member, are covered from loss of income if you have exhausted your sick leave. In the event of a severe accident or illness, you will be covered for a period of up to 10 weeks and paid out 75% of your salary limited to R15 000 per month. There are no waiting periods but you must actively be at work on the first working day on which your cover starts.

Core Funeral Benefit FAQ’s

The Core Policy covers the main member, spouse and up to five children (including a  stillborn child).

Yes, you may. The policyholder needs to contact the call centre and request the continuation option.

There are no waiting periods. You are covered from your first premium payment.

Yes, suicide within the first 12 calendar months from participation date or reinstatement date.

  • All claims must be submitted within six months of a death occurring.
  • The claimant is to contact the claims call centre on 0861 273 883.
  • The claim administrator will enter into consultation with the claimant to assist him/her with the necessary forms, processes and required documentation.
  • The claims administrator then submits the claim upon receipt of the necessary documentation.
  • Once the claim is submitted, the claims centre will inform the claimant of the outcome within 48 hours, and pay the approved claim.

The Core Funeral Policy is the only policy that has a two-month free premium waiver. This means that your policy will remain active for two months with no premium due.

John is an employee that works for employer A

  • Earns R2 000 per week (R4 00 a day)
  • Usually works five days per week
  • Has eight days of claimable paid sick leave (workers are entitled to one day of paid sick leave for every 26 days worked in the first six months. Hourly metric is used for temporary workers)

What benefit will john claim?

  • Minimum claim requirement. Absent for more than six consecutive workdays. The claim starts on day seven for a 10 week period.
  • The benefit starts once paid sick leave runs out. John has eight days of sick leave.
  • John was absent for 15 workdays because he was ill and booked off by the doctor for three weeks. This is seven days more than his sick leave.
  • Seven workdays can be claimed. This is equal to a benefit of R2 100 (R400 per day x 7 days x 75%).


For those who’d like a more comprehensive funeral plan, AFS Financial Services provides extended funeral benefits like Golden Funeral Cover, Beef Catering and Casket Benefits and Extended Funeral Family Cover.

Extended Funeral Benefit FAQ’s

There are various ways to join these benefits:

  1. All new starters will be contacted by the call centre to determine whether you want to join one of the products on offer. Should you wish to, a telephonic sale will take place, whereby all your details will be requested in order to sign you up. This call serves also as a confirmation that you wish to join the product selected.
  2. Call the call centre on 0861 463 877.

Request an application form and assistance from your site manager.

  • All premiums are collected according to the frequency of salary payment.
  • Should you be paid monthly, premium collection will be done in full from your salary via payroll.
  • Should you be paid weekly, the premium will be divided to be collected every week. This would take place on your payslip as a deduction.

There is a continuation option should you wish to continue with the cover in your personal capacity. The member would need to contact the call centre and request his/her details to be amended.

The first step would be to contact the call centre. The call centre will assist and guide you through the claim process and provide you with any documents necessary for the claim.

The national call centre number is 0861 463 877.

The Income Protector provides cover in the event of illness/accident only and is not a policy that can be utilised due to unemployment or retirement.

* Underwritten by African Unity Life Limited, a Licensed Life Insurance Company, and an Authorised Financial Services Provider,
FSP no. 8447

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