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Core Funeral Claim Forms

Core Claim Control Form 20211202

Core Claim Form Commuter 20211202

Core Funeral Claim Checklist 20211202

Core Notice of Death for Funeral Claims 20211202

Core Statement by Police 20211202

Death Claim Forms

(NEW) Discovery Group Risk Global Education Protector claim form

Death Benefit Questionnaire

Discovery Group Risk Global Education Protector FAQ

Discovery Group Risk Spouse Life Cover and Funeral Cover Benefit claim form

Statement by Police – death

Unnatural Death Information Form

Disability Claim Forms

Discovery Group Risk Disability claim – Claimant’s statement

Discovery Group Risk Disability claim – Notification and consent form

Discovery – Guide to downloading your membership card


Discovery  – How to download your member certificate/tax certificate

Guide to downloading your Discovery Membership or Tax Certificate

Health 4 Me – Guide to downloading digital card

Health4Me Flyer Digital Solutions 2022

Health4Me – Network provider lists

2023-Health4Me Dental Network

2023-Health4Me GP Network

2023-Health4Me Optometry Network

Nomination of Beneficiary Forms

Alexforbes Nomination of Beneficiary Form-English

Discovery Group Risk Beneficiary nomination form member comms

Zest Life – Claim form & Claim guide



Momentum Health4Me – Digital Solutions and Capabilities

H4M Capabilities & Engagement

H4M Digital Solutions

Discovery Group Risk Member Zone Guide

Discovery EB_GR_Web Member Zone Guide_04 2019 -Risk funds

AF Online – How to register

AF Online How To Register Flyer 2022-May

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